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Solar Powered Street Lamps price Our History
Jiangsu Yutloo Industry Co., Ltd, established in 2016, a professional share holding manufacturer dedicated in the LED lighting product's R&D, production and sales.
Main products include different kinds of indoor and outdoor LED lights and Photovoltaic power generation system, such as: LED street lights, solar street lights, bulb lamps, lamp wick etc.
Yutloo Industry has passed ISO9001-2015, CE, GS, UL, ROSH etc. international certifications, and also has many patents for our products.
Up to now, Yutloo has exported to latin America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa etc. overseascts, and gotten high reputation. We have established long term cooperation relationships with them. Annual turnover is $ 12 million.
Our Product
Main products include different kinds of indoor and outdoor LED lights and Photovoltaic power generation system, such as: LED street lights, solar street lights, bulb lamps, lamp wick etc.
Product Application
鈼哋utdoor LED street light application:
1. Main road and elevated road lighting
2. Parking and park lighting.
3. Road and street lighting.
4. Bridge and school lighting.
5. Square, garden and other outdoor lighting.
鈼?/strong>Solar Street Light Application:
1. Courtyard / Garden/Park / Street / Roadway
2. Pathway / Parking Lot / Private Road / Sidewalk / Public Square
3. Plaza / Campus / Airfield / Farm & Ranch / Perimeter Security, Front yard, Back yard
4. Wildlife Area / Remote Area /
鈼哠olar Panel Applications:
1. Independent systems(household,powder supplies for remote areas, remote systems, etc.)
2. Grid-connected photovoltaic power stations (residential,commercial, industrial power supply systems)
鈼?/strong>G4 G9 LED Lamp Applications:
Living room;
Bedroom, etc.
Widely used in chandelilers, crystal light downlight and landscape fixtures
Our Certificate
Yutloo Industry has passed ISO9001-2015, CE, GS, UL, ROSH etc. international certifications, and also has many patents for our products.
Production Equipment
Yutloo Industry has static electricity workshop, aging equipment, production equipment, testing equipment, and production line. Electronic transformer aging line, LED assembly line, plug-in line, assembly line, tin immersion furnace, foot cutting machine, lamp head nail machine, glue machine, etc.
Production Market
Up to now, Yutloo has exported to latin America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa etc.
Annual turnover is $ 12 million.
Our Service
鈼?/strong>Pre-sale Service
1. Provide free samples of our company to the customer, such as: LED street lights, solar street lights, bulb lamps, lamp wick etc.
(within 4PCS)(transportation costs shall be borne by the customer).
2. Help customers develop new products and new light sources to meet customers' higher requirements.
鈼?/strong>Second Sale in Service
1. Since the company receives the order, from raw material procurement to production to delivery, the whole line will track the progress to ensure the delivery time of the product. If there is any special situation, we will inform the customer as soon as possible.
2. Upon the delivery of the goods, inform the customer of the logistics company, logistics tracking number, inquiry telephone number and the approximate time when the goods arrive at the designated place of the customer. And follow up the goods at any time, the arrival of the location immediately inform customers, to ensure that customers can receive the goods in the first time. And ask the customer to confirm the product quantity, inspection of product specifications, if the customer needs to mix with the last batch of goods, the customer must check whether the two batches of product color is consistent.
鈼?/strong>After-sales Service
1. If there are quality problems, we will fully implement the quality solution promised by our company.
2. If there is no quality problem, the customer shall bear all the transportation expenses for the return of goods caused by the customer's product modification or the customer's reason; The company can only afford to exchange the goods, not return them.Solar Powered Street Lamps price
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low price Arbor Press Description
The Manual — 3 Ton Arbor Press is mainly used to disassemble tight fittings such as gears and shaft sleeves and to correct deformed parts. It is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in product assembly, maintenance and other industries. The press is a universal press with an exquisite structure. It has a wide range of uses and high production efficiency. The press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. By applying strong pressure to the metal blank, the metal is plastically deformed and fractured to be processed into parts.
A multifunctional press is a good choice. The Manual — 3 Ton Arbor Press benefits the collection of small and long workpieces very well. The manual press is simple in structure and easy to operate. It can be divided into rack type and screw type. The picture shows the structure of the manual press. Picture (a) is a rack-type manual press. Its working pressure is generally 1-5 tons, and it is often used to correct workpieces with a diameter of 5-10 mm. The picture (b) is a screw type manual press. Its working pressure is generally 2-25 tons, and it is often used to correct workpieces with a diameter of 10-30 mm. Manual press has low production efficiency and low pressure.
The Manual — 3 Ton Arbor Press is composed of a frame, a workbench, a cushion block and a hydraulic head. The workbench is lifted by the lifting device on the beam and moves along the frame column. The column has a support to support and fix the workbench. The hydraulic head clamped on the bottom surface of the frame beam has an oil channel inside and an oil storage tank on the outside. The oil cylinder and two plunger oil pumps with different functions constitute a relatively complete hydraulic system. Centralized device, small size, no power, manual operation to complete the pressure processing task.
Item No.ModelCapacityMax.Height
(mm)Largest arbor
(mm)Ram Square
(mm)Press Ht
(mm)Base size
(mm)Packing size
HR202405AP-55.0400脳2267050脳50815645脳17676脳37脳95155/166low price Arbor Press
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China Ciling Lights Modern factory Our factory located in Zhongshan Town — the lighting capital of the world, have more than 10 years lighting market experience, vertical integration production control, have strong competitive price, quick design and proofing capacity. 3 years quality guarantee, completely logistic service customer focused, quality first, the best purchase experience is what we are doing.
Our main products include crystal chandeliers, crystal ceiling chandelier, crystal candle light, fans light. The characteristics of SKY SWORD chandeliers are modern, luxurious, classic and simple. There are also countless designs on style.
Our products are distributed in America, England, Malaysia, Itanly, France, Poland, Hungary, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries and regions. From evaluation and quotation to production and storage, we can see how SKY SWORD LIGHTING cares about their customers.China Ciling Lights Modern factory
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Wholesale Hair Clip In Extensions Since 2003, Kingwin has been dedicated in developing and manufacturing high quality salon&spa products, such as salon trolleys, hair steamers, hair dryers, facial steamers, skincare instruments, hairdressing accessories and etc. Today, Kingwin has become one of the leading manufacturers in salon equipment industry, with its products proudly exported to over 60 countries, mainly North America and Europe, serving the most reputable brands and distributors in the world, such as Sally Beauty, L'oreal, Wella, Schwarzkopf and Babyliss.
Production Plant In Zhuhai: 13,000m2
Number Of Employee: 150
Number Of R&D Staff: 12
Number Of QC Staff: 15
ISO 9001 Certified. Loreal Audited, TUV AuditedWholesale Hair Clip In Extensions
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Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Machine
Jinan Precision CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of laser machine and CNC machine. We specialize in manufacturing CNC routers, laser engraving/cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, laser welding machines and laser marking machines. Our products are widely used in various industries such as arts and crafts processing, advertising, clothing, model- and printed-hectograph making, jewelries, auto parts, packing materials, woodworking and stone working.
We have established several branches and agents throughout our country. Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions, such as Korea, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, West Europe and Southeast Asia. We have obtained CE and FDA certifications. And each machine will be tested before launching to keep absolute safety. We will offer two-years guarantee for the machines. Because of the advanced management and strict rules of the production, there is zero complaint from our customers, and we will continue to consummate our team.
High quality is our eternal pursuit. «Customer first, Credibility first» is our consistent pursuit with supreme faith. We have a complete service network and a top-grade service team. Our service ways and means are Omni-directional, multi-level and high-efficiency, which guarantee the effective and reliable responses to customers in the shortest time.
Precision CNC has been providing key technology and pertinent integrated solutions for Industry 4.0 and future factories, helping enterprises to carry out intelligent manufacturing, making intelligent manufacturing to change our work within touch.
Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Machine