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Vape Pen Filling Machine

Vape Pen Filling Machine GT MAX AUTO FILLING & CAPPING MACHINE MAINTAIN YOUR HIGH PRECISION AND MOST EFFICIENT AUTOMATIC FILLING PRODUCTIONS Vape pen filling and capping machine is suitable for high speed, continuous applications. This system is fully automatic and can produce a vast quantity a CBD and THC cartridges at efficient speeds. Depending on the system and product, automatic filling machines can output 500 to 1000 pieces per hour. An accurate filler reduces costly product wastage, and ensures consistency of fill. Our vape pen filling and capping machine filling accuracy to 0.01ml. The vape pen filling and capping machine in our Response range feature clean, lubricant-free pneumatics, tri-clover hopper connections and a quick-strip design combine to ease cleaning. The machine can be fully stripped in approximately 5 minutes. 鈼?High Precision 鈼?Maximum efficiency 鈼?All customization for different cartridges 鈼?No air compressor needed 鈼?Suitable for CBD/THC oil, E-liquid etc. 鈼?Easy to use and clean 鈼?Model/style (Screw on, Snap on or Press on) Mechanical Parameter Size (L x W x H) 181 x 90 x 148 CM Weight 400kg Capacity/Output 500-1000 pcs per hour Filling Volume Range 0.3ml 鈥?2.0ml Filling Accuracy +/- 0.01ml Temperature Range 77-194F(25-90C) Vessel Volume 600ml, 2 vessels Turntable Station 6 stations Electric Parameter Power Supply AC110V-220V 375 W Firmware Version GT20210317SS Compatible Device 0.5ml or 1.0ml Screw on/Snap on/Press on Cartridge from Green Time Efficiency LOW speed: 550 pcs/hour MEDIUM speed: 750 pcs/hour HIGH speed: 1000 pcs/hour Smart reminds 1. Maintainance Warning 2. Mouth piece missing Warning 3. Turntable block WarningVape Pen Filling Machine website:

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