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Custom Metal Shrapnel

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Custom Metal Shrapnel The etching processing Mobile phone motor shrapnel has uniform lines, no burrs, no gaps, and no appearance of large and small holes. For precision products, it can be well assembled and matched. Product name: mobile phone motor shrapnel Workpiece material: beryllium bronze, beryllium copper, copper, copper alloy, etc. Workpiece type: metal Process type: chemical etching Custom processing: Yes Specific product material material: imported beryllium bronze This product is comprehensively evaluated based on the material material, the material thickness required by the product, the accuracy requirements of the aperture control, and the mass production quantity. For different products, from 3 days to 7 working days, and 10 working days, we will negotiate with customers to confirm that different product batches have different times. If urgent shipments are made, we will do our best to help solve them. We have a complete quality control system, a complete quality control team, and timely response to customer feedback.Custom Metal Shrapnel website:

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